Battery Charges

Battery Chargers

Samlex multistage battery chargers are engineered to provide fast and precise charging of deep-cycle batteries in solar, communications and other industrial environments. Models provide either a two or three-stage charge. Model features vary and may can include LED’s, meters, temperature compensation and dip switch settings to prevent battery damage and prolong the life of the batteries in an industrial or residential back up electrical power system. See also : www.samlex_battery_charger.htm

Automatic Battery Chargers

15 Amp to 45 Amp chargers for 12 Volt or 24 Volt Lead-Acid and Gel-Cell batteries. Safely charge and condition marine, recreational vehicle, industrial and automotive batteries.

Microprocessor Controlled Battery Chargers

Low Current (1 Amp to 12 Amp) and Power Factor Corrected battery chargers for 12 Volt or 24 Volt batteries. These microprocessor controlled models are suitable for ATVs, Motorcycles and Power Sport applications.

Battery Back-up Modules

These modules can be connected to a DC power supply to supply battery back-up power to your equipment in the event of an AC source power failure. On restoration of AC power the battery back-up module regulates output current and voltage to recharge the batteries.

Battery Accessories

Safeguard your batteries and equipment with Samlex Battery Isolators and Battery Guards.

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